Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy New Year The Thai Way: Songkran!

A hot topic around here recently has been the Thai New Year festival - Songkran, especially the throw-water-on-other-people part! Normally April is the hottest time of the year in Thailand, so water would feel really good, I'm sure. This year has many of the Thai people surprised because it's not hot. We're not complaining over the weather by any stretch of imagination because it has been very pleasant. Of course, by pleasant I mean:

Location:Hua Hin
Distance:93 mi from Bangkok
Temperature:86 °F
Comfort level:93 °F
Dew point:73 °F
Barometer:29.74 "Hg
Wind:5 mph from 110°

You all have the comfort level of 93 °F, don't you? :D

Even though April hasn't been as hot as we expected, the Thai people are still steaming ahead with preparations for Songkran, especially that whole throw-water-on-other-people part. So we decided to arm ourselves and went out and bought little squirt guns.

Yes we know people will have 50-gallon buckets filled with water. We also know that super-soakers will be used. And I think I've heard of a water hose or two being used during this festival. So a little squirt gun should do the trick, don't ya think?!? :)

In addition to the whole throw-water-on-other-people thing, I understand Bangkok -- a city of 13 million people -- will be empty for several days. Most people return to the northern provinces to visit their families during this time of the year, so I'm sure Bangkok is going to look like a ghost town, which would be quite a feat I assure you!

I suppose Pookie was thinking along these lines this evening after our Bible study and meal. She is going to visit her family in a province about two hours away and so will miss the whole throw-water-on-other-people thing around here. As I finished cleaning the dishes, Pookie walked over to the kitchen in the Langes' house. Not thinking anything of it, I began to wipe down the counter. Suddenly I heard Pookie shout, "SONGKRAN!!!!" as she sprayed me with water.

Not once.

Not twice.

THREE times!

She then looked penitent and said, "I'm sorry; I was wrong! Please forgive me!!!"

So now I just have to decide whether to put water in her bed or on her chair. Decisions, decisions!


Join in with us on the other side of the world.... throwing water is just plain fun!


Jackie's World said...

Wow, I knew it was a different time zone there but I had no idea a different year. It must be amazing to travel in time! You're so lucky.

big bro tom said...

no wonder mr. turtle loves it there

My Bright Corner said...

hey Anne!

just an fyi...i changed my blog location to a new address. just wanted you to know!

Dear Abbi said...

Enjoy your um..."cool" weather. :)

We miss you! Thanks for your comments. The kids ask more and more frequently about when you are coming back. I smiled when I read your post (not long ago) about that very topic. Ah, the Lord's ways are best!

Stay dry. :)