Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I don't believe I've ever introduced you all to our turtle named Mr. Turtle <--- creative, I know:).

Mr. Turtle was acquired at the beginning of October and used to have a friend in the tank with him, but that friend decided life was too much for him and croaked. We think he had pneumonia, which turtles are apparently susceptible to getting. Yeah, I didn't know that either until I actually researched it. That's the first time I've ever put "turtle ailments" into a search engine!!
While his friend was living, Mr. Turtle was very shy and just simply would not eat. I've never heard of a turtle starving itself, but ours certainly did for about two months. Then suddenly, he began eating one day. Isn't that strange?!? He has now doubled in size and is quite happy. He has provided us with endless amusement as he gets super-excited whenever anyone walks by his tank. He just thinks we're going to feed him all the time now:).
Now tell me if this little guy is not the cutest dog you've ever seen:

Unfortunately, he is not ours:(. We just borrow him to play with and have a good time. His name is Focus and he gets really excited whenever he sees a hand out. That means he's going to have a good time playing with that hand! He does have sharp teeth, but I think half of the fun for him is catching the hand:).
Today his owner came to our office for some reason and she didn't even realize that Focus followed her down the street! He walked right into our office as if he owned the place and proceeded to have a good time entertaining everyone:).
Berm made the mistake (?) of feeding Focus something, so after that Focus stayed by Berm's side very diligently:). We just love this little dog!


Jackie's World said...

Sweet shell (Mr. Turtle)! And, no, that's an awesome name! Beatrice names all her toys using the same method - "Mr. Bear", "ball", "flipper"(flip-flop slipper) and so on.

How old is your turtle? I hear they live a looong time.

Anne said...

I love Beatrice's naming method... too cute!

Mr. Turtle is at least 7 months old... so he might have a long life ahead of him:).