Thursday, April 2, 2009

Visa Run.

"Be ready to leave either Friday, Saturday, or Monday."

Being duly warned, we weren't exactly surprised when we had a staff meeting last Thursday night and decided to leave for the Thai/Burmese border on Friday at noon. Carolyn and I threw our stuff into suitcases, made sure our work was up-to-date in the office and patiently sat around Friday morning at 11:20 ~ "ready." The minutes ticked by as we waited for our Thai co-worker to get something at the mall that needed to go with us on our trip. We finally pulled away from our little soi at 2:10, which wasn't a problem because we were ready!

About two hours north of us is another missionary who used to live in Bangkok. This missionary's daughter needed to renew her visa, so we stopped outside Big C (the equivalent would be like a K-Mart/Wal-Mart) to pick Sarah up and continued our way west. By the time we completed our journey, it was dark and we were pretty tired:).

Sarah needed to get back home asap, so early, early, early (did I mention early???) Saturday morning, we got up and headed to the border. It didn't open up until 6:30 so we meandered a bit, just biding our time.
Can you tell it was early? :D
This is on the bridge between the two countries.

One of the (many!) things I love about Thailand: fresh fruit!!! We snagged some bananas, oranges, and papaya for us to munch on at the house during our trip.

Who would have thought Popeye would be hanging out in this border town? :D

This is a fairly typical sight. In fact, we've seen four people on motorcycles with people holding onto bags of groceries or boxes with computer equipment in them. Is now a good time to mention we took a motorcycle home the other evening? :)

Welcome to our shower! This is a dipper shower, although there was a shower nozzle on the wall that shot out coooold water. Take your pick;).

This is at the start of our trip going home. The town we were in is located on the other side of a mountain, so the first hour is spent just getting back to the main road! 18-wheelers will pass other 18-wheelers on these curvy, twisty mountainous roads, so the prayer for safety was never far from our lips!

The beautiful mountains of Thailand (with telephone wires thrown in there for good measure!). A picture just doesn't do it justice, so take my word for it;).
All in all, it was a great trip. Because we were there for 5 days, we were able to see more things than we've seen on our previous trips. We didn't do anything touristy (trust me, crossing the border to renew a visa is not my idea of fun), but the Lord did open our eyes to more needs people-wise and expanded our vision for souls!


Jackie's World said...

Hey Anne, I know this may sound funny, but I thought I'd ask the skirt you're wearing in the third pic the one I bought you?? If so, it looks good on you!

If not, well,'s just a skirt.

Anne said...

:) Yes it is! It's one of my favorite skirts now and it reminds me of a good friend, so it all works out well:).