Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Have you ever had a day when nothing in particular was going wrong but it just seemed as if the day was forever long? Tuesday was such a day for me. There were no problems with the computers and work was getting done (I insert that for the missionary's benefit:D), but at 3:15ish something snapped. To quote my housemate, "It feels like I'm slogging through mud!" Pookie chatted me (yes, she was sitting two desks away and chatted me... we all normally have earphones in, so it's easier to chat;). Anyway, she asked me when I was going to pick up my camera and I looked over at her and said, "now!" Carolyn's ears perked up at that, because she was "slogging through mud" too:).

We got to the camera store and decided to sit down since there was another customer there. Waiting in a store is so much more fun with friends, wouldn't you agree? Carolyn, Pookie, and I chit-chatted and laughed, all the while wondering where the receptionist was. An employee poked his head around the corner twice -- by this time a third customer was waiting -- and then ducked back behind the wall. After sitting there for 20 minutes, Pookie walked to the back room and asked the employee for a little, you know, service or something. He promptly informed Pookie that the receptionist was out to lunch (at 3:45???) and would return in 15 minutes.

I betcha he would've never said anything to us if Pookie hadn't asked... gotta love that thinking! "It's not my job, so I'll just wait for the receptionist to come back and deal with the customers." :D

Rather than wait at the camera store, we decided Auntie Anne's Pretzels would be a better place to wait and we would get a pretzel out of the deal.

Ironically enough, we ended up waiting 15 minutes for our pretzels.

Ahh, God has a sense of humor:).

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