Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank You Senator.

Are there any Pennsylvanians surprised by this piece of news?

Veteran Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter switched from the Republican to the Democratic Party on Tuesday, saying he has found himself increasingly "at odds with the Republican philosophy." The switch puts Senate Democrats one vote shy of a filibuster-proof majority of 60 seats. They can reach the 60-seat mark if Al Franken holds his current lead in the disputed Minnesota Senate race.

I must say I'm not shocked by Sen. Specter switching parties. At all. I think Pat Toomey was absolutely right when he said:

Senator Specter’s decision is in keeping with his record. He is more at home in the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. That has been true for decades, not just true today.

Just another shining moment for Pennsylvania... Praise the Lord our confidence is not resting in men!!!!

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Kay said...

I'm glad he switched. Now he can't take my GOP donations! haha