Friday, May 8, 2009

The Reminder In Laughter.

I was working on the Good and Evil project today, just like I do (most) every day. I was checking all the footers and making sure all the verses listed actually existed in the Bible, and not just in someone's imagination:). My anticipation of finishing was fast becoming reality as I flipped to the book of Genesis (I started at the back of the book... hence, in Revelation).

As I steadily worked along, one footer in particular caught my eye. Underneath the reference was listed a little p.s. ~ "The name Isaac means laughter." I thought about that statement for a moment and realized that Isaac was a constant reminder for the rest of Sarah's days that she laughed at the promise of God. God clearly said, "Sarah... shall have a son." (Gen. 18:10), but Sarah turned around and "laughed within herself" (Gen. 18:12).

I thought that was interesting to note that Sarah had living, visible proof right in front of her every day regarding the promise of God and how He did fulfill His promise. I also thought about how I tend to be like Sarah in that I'll laugh within myself over something God has promised. But God hears that laugh. And God is faithful - each and every time.

What a good reminder in the middle of my day!

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Amber said...

Very good reminder!!!

The stories of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac are some of my most treasured ones.