Monday, February 1, 2010

Breakfast... But Not At Tiffany's:).

Ordinarily, I am not an early-riser. Rise and shine time for me is somewhere around 8:00 AM. I am such a night person that it isn't even funny! So I was very pleased with myself this morning when I dragged myself out of my cozy, warm bed at the unearthly hour of 6:30.


Yeah, I know. Talk about early!!!!

But I did have some pretty good motivation: breakfast with my sweetie before he went to work! When Nat said we would leave at 7:30, I gulped and squeaked out an "ummm.... ooooook" but I did have to ask if I had to be, you know, functioning at that time of the day and he assured me I did not;). Hey, I figured Nat is going to have to get used to me not exactly functioning and being all perky when I first wake up... it takes me a good 45 minutes or so:).

We went out to Cracker Barrel for our birthday breakfast, which was absolutely yummy! The crackling fire was bonus, but very much appreciated! (Another thing about me is I'm always cold. Yep, always). We had such a nice time celebrating our birthdays that I'm thinkin' Cracker Barrel just might have to work its way into our joint celebration for years to come:).

Oh, and the whole wake up at 6:30 thing? I'm thinkin' that's gonna get shelved for another year;).


My Bright Corner said...

Happy Birthday, Anne!

This is going to be the best year, YET!

Kate said...

Aw, how fun! Happy birthday!
And I hear ya on the whole getting up early business... not my cup o' tea either!

Keith and Julie Loveless said...

Hello, I too was engaged at 27. My hubby and I have been married now for almost six years. Isn't God good! Come visit us at "It's A Loveless World" our family blog. God bless and Happy Birthday!
BTW, I'm not a morning person either, just wait if God blesses you with kids!

Deborah said...

I am sooo not a morning person...isn't 8 am early?? Glad you enjoyed your early morning breakfast!

I'm out visiting from the kjv blog directory...we're having a challenge for the month of february....trying to visit every member. Drop by if you have time.