Monday, May 17, 2010

Some Results.

I did get to the doctor this morning, but before I go on I just wanted to express how truly blessed I am with the man God has given to me! He not only persevered in finding a doctor for me, but he also pretty much put his whole schedule for the morning on hold while he drove me over to the doctor's office. Trust me, you wouldn't have wanted me driving!

The doctor confirmed my suspicions of having a cornea abrasion. When he first examined my eye the pain was pretty fierce, so then he gave me what the nurse called "happy drops" which basically meant the drops numbed the pain:). He did say that most likely my eye never healed when it was injured in February 2009, and to this day I can't figure out what caused the injury back then or on Sunday. Oh well! I am thankful that I can still see (albeit things are a tad blurry!) and that the doctor did say I can still go on my trip and have a follow-up visit next Monday. Thanks for praying!!!

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