Monday, June 14, 2010

Life In A List.

In no particular order, here are some (interesting???) recent events in the life of yours truly (um, that would be me!)

  • I got my engagement ring cleaned yesterday and can't stop looking at it today! It's so shiny:).
  • 25 days until we tie that knot! Ok, I realize this is a future event rather than a recent event, but the countdown is faithfully noticed each and every day:).
  • Nat and I got together with my brother and his family last Thursday night and had a great time! It's so nice to be able to hang out as "couples."
  • After a huge decision-making process, I've decided what towels to go with for our new bathroom and kitchen. Riveting, I know! Ya'll just about fell off the chair from fascination, didn't you?
  • Amanda had a birthday today (technically she still has it since there is another hour left in this day) and I've delighted in reading the various facebook messages that have been left for her, especially ones from Nina and Rachel. My funny bone has been tickled by these two gals!
  • For the first time in almost six months, I didn't have a lunch table come in to the bakery on Saturday. None. Zippo. Which was rather saddening since I like to interact with the customers so much!
  • So I'm looking forward to serving at a catering party tomorrow night for 45 ladies - all members of a sewing club. Kudos to them for sewing and getting together! Perhaps their talent will rub off on me???
  • Sunday night the babies in nursery decided that was the night to do some "whoopsies" which resulted in some "boomsies." Very, very technical terms.
  • Nanette's little cutie had us in stitches towards the end of the night when she couldn't make up her mind to laugh or cry. Her face would scrunch up in preparation for the cry, but at the last minute would be turned into one of her super-adorable smiles, courtesy of a nursery worker making some faces:).
  • My sweetie and I are joining a crew from church and heading off to summer camp next week. I'm in unofficial camp mode since we're doing the games for camp and have started planning them all out. I'm having a blast and can't wait for next week!
  • I just figured out that the sound coming from the kitchen is not the shuffling of papers caused by the air coming from the fan; oh no --- it sounds like a mouse to me. Oh joy!


Anonymous said...

Ooh! I've been featured in your blog! How special I feel. :-) Um, I actually want to know what color towels you decided on. You totally left us all hanging on that one! So....?

Kristi said...

Lovely list! I can't believe you're going to camp with only 25 days left until the big event. Are you nuts? With all that needs to be done???? ha haaa...I'm just kidding...trying to tear your nerves up...can you tell????? hehehehe

I was actually thinking that it was sweet for y'all to take that time to continue serving the Lord. This time next year, you may be doing that again, but as a husband and wife team. That is very exciting!

I have no idea what "Whoopsies" and "Boomsies" are, but they do sound very technical. ha!

Have a great day, Anne!! :)


No No Nanette said...

Thanks for linking to Lizzie :)

(I agree with Amanda - what color towels?)

Rachel said...

Towel colors are very important!!! Most defi. not a decision you wanna make lightly!! :):) haha! Yes do tell what color you picked!!!