Sunday, June 27, 2010

Turning A Page.

Emotion is a tricky thing. Just when I think I can handle it, emotions sneak through the back door in the form of memories and remind me of life.

What brought this on? Something called approaching wedding day. Or, in reality, marriage. I'm about to turn a new page and am completely thrilled, excited, and absolutely giddy about it:). But when I started taking down the degrees and diplomas, the frames and the decorations from off my bedroom walls, emotion hit me.

Have I really spent the last 14 years in this bedroom? With everything off the wall and piled on my bed, I sat down and just gazed around the room remembering...

~ the day I trusted Christ and floated home and into my bedroom... what a shouting day that was!
~ a sleepover with 4 other friends before two friends headed off with their family as missionaries to South Africa.
~ getting ready for high school graduation day!
~ painting my room with a friend and having such a blast.
~ countless, countless numbers of trips taken over the years. The drill was familiar and simple: always pack just before leaving on a trip! That way the adrenaline runs faster:).
~ leaving my room in anticipation of a year-long adventure in Thailand. I still remember packing the day I was leaving (of course - it's tradition!) and then the day I came home.
~ numerous phone calls took place in this room: sisters, sisters-in-law, friends, and for the last eight months, my sweetheart!
~ running to my room for a place of refuge when my heart was hurting. I cried out to the Lord so many times and He heard me. What a precious Saviour!
~ so many girlish hopes and dreams were made in this room. I moved in when I was 12 - just at the beginning of my teen years. So much has changed since that 12 year old girl first moved in.


There is much packing to do, and I'm realistic enough to know that the majority of it is going to take place after we come home from our honeymoon ~ yet another trip!

Memories are such a good thing, but I am ready to turn that page and move from the position of single gal to wife, where all sorts of new memories will be made!


Amber said...

And God planned a long time for you to turn that page, didn't He? What I love about memories is that you never ever stop making them.

When is the wedding may I ask?
Praying for you!

Kate said...

Bittersweet isn't it!? :) I felt the same way. Excited beyond belief but still a little sad at the closing that door!

Marriage is such a wonderful journey! I am so happy for you look forward to seeing pics of the wedding and hearing about your happily ever after!

Kristi said...

Yes, and wonderful, precious memories, I have no doubt. Praying for you both!


Krinny Gaudet said...

Dear Anne, how I wish things could have worked out for us to be there for the big day. But then it is just one day. The many days after are what will really count. We look forward to seeing the two of you over here in Thailand once again. Love to you both. Krinny