Thursday, July 1, 2010

Camp Closure.

"You're going to camp?!?" I can't tell you how many times I heard that in the days (and hours!) leading up to camp:). Most people were slightly baffled that Nat and I would take off for camp with only a few weeks left until our wedding, but it was such a natural fit for us and so off we went!

Bro. Rufus Edmisten was the preacher for the week and did a fabulous job of dropping quick one-liners and giving me some meat to chew on from the Word of God. I've looked for a site to link to Bro. Edmisten, but alas, I've had no success so I'll just direct ya'll to the messages he preached at camp - here. Bro. Edmisten preached revival meetings at my church 6 or 7 years ago, and I remember the Lord using him in a tremendous way. I was thrilled to hear he was going to be our camp speaker and he left me with a lot of things to ponder...

  • I see a wreck, but God sees a great victory.
  • I must take sides with God against myself.
  • God says, "I love you" and means "I'll take care of you."
  • I'm not on probation with God; I'm in!
  • In order to walk with God and be in His will, I must abstain from things that displease Him.
  • We can't call Him Lord and shirk our duty.
  • God requires that we come into His presence with singing.
  • Use the Bible as a mirror, not as a telescope or magnifying glass for others.
  • A true testimony is not what is said, but what is done.
  • There are no tough cases for Jesus!
  • Your commitment proves you believe.
  • When the ground is prepared, the seed will have no problem bringing forth fruit.
  • Sin should wreck my day until I confess and get it right.
  • Confession brings caution, helps humility, should lead to victory over sin and brings cleansing.
  • Sin makes me dirty before God. God looks through my clean clothes and sees the junk of my heart.
  • God would not tolerate sin in a lost person's life so it's not allowed in a saved person's life.
  • Sin has a way of silencing my witness.
  • There is no security in darkness.
  • Get tough on sin!
  • Refusing to confess shuts God out. It turns a cold shoulder to the Christ of Calvary.
  • No one is too bad to get saved, but some are too good to get saved.
  • The security of an anchor is felt through the storm.
  • Don't give the devil credit for anything!
What a week! Preaching, canoeing, eating, playing games, encouraging campers, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, sunburn, spending time with my sweetie on a midnight canoe ride, and finally pulling in to the church parking lot Friday night made up our week at camp.

Saturday morning we quickly switched gears and have officially jumped into wedding mode! Instead of having a big wedding cake, I've opted to make 30 pies to serve at the reception. So that's on the agenda for today: buying all those ingredients! Family starts coming in late Sunday night... and next week will zoom by so fast.

Saturday, July 10th has finally come!

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