Monday, August 23, 2010

1,000 Words... Plus A Few More!

While we were on our honeymoon to Boston and Maine, we decided rather than picking up the obligatory mug or magnet commemorating our trip, we would pick up t-shirts instead, since that was something I never got to do when I was younger. Hey, when you have 5 kids in the family, you're just trying to find food for everyone:o).

Anyway, we did that very thing, although it was easier for Nat to pick up t-shirts because he's not as picky as I am. I don't like having my shirt too long and apparently all the styles today give the option of t-shirt or mini-skirt ~ your choice! ~ and so I only came home with one shirt I really liked.

Last Saturday we had what we called a "honeymoon day" which is an opportunity for us to get away alone and spend time together. We chose to go to the city of Brotherly Love and do the touristy thing of acting like it was our first time in a city that's less than an hour away:o).

We had a lot of fun together and saw things like Independence Hall, walked by the Liberty Bell (the line was waaaay too long!), went to the Powell House (Mr. Powell happened to be the last governor of Philadelphia under British rule and the first governor of Philadelphia in the newly formed country), walked the oldest alley in the United States, and went to Reading Terminal Market where we had the best chocolate-covered pretzel!

Since it was a honeymoon day, we chose to stick with our tradition of buying a t-shirt. My mind raced ahead to the cooler days coming so I picked out a sweatshirt and for the first time ever, we decided to get matching ones:

(In our kitchen)

Green is not usually my first choice; in fact my default is pink, but my husband encouraged me to go with the green and I'm glad I did because it finally adds some variety to my normal blue/pink/pink/blue/blue/blue/pink..... :o).

Now that I've given a peek at our kitchen, I'll have to dig out the camera and take some more pictures of our snug, little apartment!


Amber Noella said...

Amazing! I' want to go to Philadelphia!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute together! Congratulations on your wedding Anne, thanks for sharing the photos. Beautiful wedding dress too :-) I love how clean your kitchen looks and the kettle looks really shiny too! JA(UK)

Jackie's World said...

Oh, yes, I remember the days of matching shirts...what's with newly married couples wanting to alway match?!? :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amber and JA!

Jackie, this is the first and only time we've ever matched... in my opinion, once in a while is ok:o).

Jendi said...

I always have that trouble with t-shirts. So, I get the long ones, cut them off, and hem them to the length I love.

Thanks for sharing your happiness!

ladyfelicity said...

What an adorable picture - you look so cute together! :)

Your pink / blue / pink thing made me smile - I keep telling myself I'm NOT a pink kind of girl, but pink clothes and accessories keep ending up in my wardrobe. Hmm ...