Tuesday, August 17, 2010

*The* Offering.

So without going into the whens and whys and all such nonsense like that, I've decided confession is good for the soul: I've given to my dear, sweet, kind, doesn't-deserve-this-at-all husband an offering.

Oh yes.

That kind of offering.

I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. But, oh is it awkward to actually come out and say it. Or spell it. Whichever the case may be (which in this case, it would be spelling it).

I won't even try to offer one of those "in my defense..." statements because it would be totally worthless. But, and this is to brag on the man God has given to me, Nat was gracious and kind and still thanks God every night for a wife who can cook.

Ha! Well, except for that night when I couldn't, you know, cook the main dish.

I think next time I'll just use the grill.... :o).


Rachel said...

Hhhmmm... so that apron wasn't too far off after all? LOL!

Kudos to you for being honest and fessing up. :)

Anonymous said...

Have no clue what you are talking about here....to many innuendos....just be straight forward and say what you are talking about. Very confused ?!?

Also, your readers are supportive, they will understand, don't be embarassed.

More updates?

What did your wedding look like, colors, reception, more pics?

How are you adjusting to your new home? Pics of new home?

Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

I thought of that too, Rachel:o).

Kate said...

Another clueless soul here.:) But I won't inquire further.(though I am curious and mystified:)

Anonymous said...

Burnt offering, girls, burnt offering:o). Chicken was supposed to be on the menu, but it turned into bar-b-que chicken.... by mistake!

Kate said...

aahhhhhhh! I see:) For some reason green beans are my bane for burning. You'd think I'd learn!:)