Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One Month = Pure Happiness!

It's not exactly down to the minute, although I suppose I could wait the extra 52 minutes, but it's been one month of wonderful, sweet marriage! God has richly blessed me with a compassionate, considerate, fun-loving, sensitive husband who is simply the best! He is my best friend in the world, and I would rather know every little detail about him than anyone else.

Someone asked me the other day if the wait was worth it.......... ABSOLUTELY!!!!

"Grow old along with me... the best is yet to be."
~Robert Browning~


Emily Yesensky said...

So happy for you Anne-girl!

Anonymous said...

the wedding photos are beautiful! *smiles*

ladyfelicity said...

Wow! You're a beautiful bride!!! And you look and sound so happy! Yay! I'm sooooooo happy for you Anne!!!