Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Family Time!

Ever since I can remember, we've done a smallish family reunion on my mom's side every summer. Numbers have always fluctuated because of other obligations, and this past Saturday was no exception. Obligations called others away so we really had a small group, but it's more cozy that way:-).

One thing that is always special to me is having my grandfather's cousin Ruth come to the family gathering. I have such happy memories of living with my grandfather for four years in the early 90's before he passed away and Ruth is one remaining connection I have to my grandfather.

We gathered at my mom's house on Saturday and saw these sweet kiddos:

(Ethan and Adrianne with Uncle Tom!)

(Like I said, really small gathering! One day all the relatives who live in far-off states will actually be able to make it home for a reunion;o)

( Ethan absolutely loves Uncle Nat and playing with him!)

This was the first family function at my mom's house since I've gotten married, so it was a little strange to be one of the people leaving after the event was over! Just another little adjustment that comes with the happy bliss of being so joyfully married!

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