Thursday, September 2, 2010


When I came out of the shower this morning, I saw this on our bed:

No, Nat hasn't gained a sudden affection for stuffed animals:o). We've been watching my 4-year-old nephew for the past two days, and he decided that Cleo, Rhino, Neville, and Elmo needed a new place to call home after spending two nights on the blow-up air mattress!

By the way, Nat gave Rhino to my nephew as a birthday gift last year and became an instant hit with my nephew! Nat's got such a way about him and knows how to win the hearts of protective nephews :o).

At last check, these four guys are still residing on our bed, along with a certain 4-year-old. They go home tonight, at least that's the plan. I've been informed several times over that some little guy just loves our apartment and is planning on staying until Sunday. Nice try, but you gotta return home, kiddo!

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ladyfelicity said...

You have one of those adorable pictures ... ! I never saw one until last weekend, when the guests at my sister's wedding were invited to sign the big white mount round a picture of them together. Too cute! Now it's on my list of things I want to do at my wedding too! :)