Friday, September 10, 2010


The little patter of footsteps were heard in my house yesterday, along with the happy giggles and cheeky grins that two dearly loved kids bring with them;). After they left, I found some remnants of their visit and it just made me smile!

My visitors for the day were my 3-year-old nephew and 1-year-old niece. Both of them helped me make these brownies... can't you tell with the concentrated crumb dump at the top of the brownies?!? ;)

My nephew was also a big helper with lunch and the dishes. He was very excited to tell Uncle Nat that he spread the mustard on Uncle Nat's sandwich! Then as I washed the dishes, he rinsed off all the bubbles and put the dishes in the drainer. Cute!

Of course we had lots of play time:). Between playing with toys, hide-n-seek in the closet, going down the slide at the playground, and tickle time, we had a blast!

Nat was able to join in on a little bit of the fun when he came home for lunch.... I have yet to see a child refuse the awe and intrigue of Nat's iphone!

I just love these little kiddos to pieces!

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Tim Anger said...

Ah, those were the cute little feet we heard above our head -- earlier in the morning than we are used to hearing a stirring up there :)