Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hubby is diligently working on Bible Institute right now (3.3 classes and a thesis to go!) so it's my turn to be diligent and pay some attention to my blog!

There are so many updates swirling through my head but I suppose they don't really come out (coherently anyway!) if I just do a brain dump:). So my goal over the next few posts is to give a little update to our Thailand trip as well as where we're headed in the future!

Nat was able to give a report at our church on Wednesday night and only wished he had a lot more time to clearly communicate things.... like:

  • all the stories from our trip (there are plenty!)
  • the history of Burma
  • explain why we want to work with people groups that live in Thailand but aren't originally from Thailand
  • share the many answers to prayer (there were many!)
  • express how deeply grateful we are to have so many people pray for us and let us know they're praying
  • key connections that were made
  • specific prayer points for the future
Our Pastor was very gracious in asking Nat to give an update, but we both could tell ya (and anyone who has ever taken a missions trip could tell ya!) that time is always just a little bit too short when reporting:).

We do have other tools that we can use though, such as one-on-one conversations, phone calls, e-mail, and BLOGS:). So I'm hoping to help fill in some gaps and maybe answer some questions that just might be mentally asked but never verbalized;).

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