Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update #1.

Here are some quick facts about our trip to Thailand or just about Thailand as a country:).

  • We were gone for three weeks (including travel time)
  • Thailand is 12 hours ahead of EST
  • We flew from Philadelphia ---> Chicago ---> Seoul, South Korea ---> Bangkok, Thailand = 28.5 hours from doorstep to doorstep
  • Spent one night in Bangkok at a really nice hotel (Asian standards here!) and then flew 1.5 hours to Chiang Mai, Thailand the next day
  • Bangkok is in the middle of Thailand while Chiang Mai is in the northwest part of Thailand
  • Largest city in Thailand: Bangkok
  • Second largest city: Chiang Mai
  • Temperature in January/February in Thailand: during the day - high 80s at night - mid 60s (Fahrenheit)
  • Currency: Thai baht (1 baht = .03 cents; $1.00 = 30.48 baht)
  • My favorite currency exchange website: XE (threw that in for fun!)
  • Language spoken: Thai, although many people can speak English in the big cities
  • Hello in Thai: Sa-wat-dee-ka (female speaker); Sa-wat-dee-kraup (male speaker)
More to come later!

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