Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thailand And Tigers.

So I didn't mention this before (since this is the world wide web), but Nat was in Thailand for the past two weeks for what was supposed to be for one reason (long story), but it ended up being a ministry trip that the Lord really worked out!

The trip was really profitable and I'm grateful for the Lord putting together some specific details. Since we are planning on moving over there next summer/early fall, Nat was able to get a realistic handle on living in Thailand as well as take a quick trip inside of a neighboring country.

I was totally jealous that he got to go and I didn't. :-) One of the older members at our church asked me today if I went to Thailand with Nat... I just smiled and pointed to my 36.5 week baby bump!

The first Saturday he was there, Nat and some other people went to the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai:

I'm not quite sure that I would be brave enough to do this, mainly because the handlers at the Tiger Kingdom say you need to confidently lean/lay against the tiger or else they will swat you thinking you're an insect or something.

Umm, yeah. Not quite sure about that!

In other fun news, we are not traveling for the next month and a half! It's been so nice to take a break from constant traveling and just be in one place. I have a couple of things I want to do with Nat before the baby comes, but it doesn't require staying overnight anywhere. :-)

Of course Peanut has been given the green light to arrive since Daddy's trip is over. I'm actually quite content for Peanut to come on the due date or after and I'm mentally preparing myself for that ~ that way I'm not disappointed if I don't go early! Our pack-n-play is set up, I've washed the baby clothes that I have, and the car seat is sitting in the living room waiting to be installed. So from that perspective we're "ready" for Peanut, although I don't think we really know what we're getting into! One of my friends told me yesterday that I will never sleep the same way again once I become a Mommy... I figure I'll take it from someone who knows what she's talking about!


Tiffany said...

Yikes! That's crazy! Did you know he was planning to do that ahead of time? I think that is one of those things it is better to tell the preggo wife AFTER it is done and you are safe! Praying for you and Peanut to have a safe delivery when the time comes.

Anne said...

I didn't know but I'm glad he did it and told me how it was so *I* don't have to do it when we return. ;)