Thursday, June 21, 2007

What Do We Do All Day?

~ Read~

~Play on the computer~

~Lounge around and pillow fights~

~Order pizza~

~Eat from the noodle man~

~Ride around in the back of pick-up trucks~

~Prop the chin up~

~Watch Susie work~

~Have "hair" night~

~Walk to get a taxi to go to the mall!~

Well, that's what we do when we're not: in the office for 8 hours... making dinner... cleaning... sleeping...having services... praying...

Yup, that pretty much makes up our moments... hours... days... weeks...

Tonight we're doing something different; we're going bowling;o).

(This has nothing to do with this post, but go on over to Tiffany's and wish her a happy birthday!!!!! Today is her birthday... well, it is for me anyway! I'm 11 hours ahead of EST so make sure you wish her happy birthday sometime on Friday... thanks!)


Rachel said...

Ooo...thank you, thank you for the pictures!!! Now that I've had my Krisadanakon fix, all we need are picture of your haircut!!! :o) Just a subtle hint ;)

Katina said...

Yes, let's see your new "do"! :)