Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Big Brother.

I talked to my brother Tom last night for a little bit and for those of you who know him in "real life", you'll know he works for Mr. N doing roofing, basements, and stuff along those lines. Tom moved out of our house about 2 1/2 years ago, about a couple of months before he got married. So because he doesn't live at home anymore, I've missed hearing his daily "stories" about co-workers, funny sightings and .... injuries.

It's not like he does it intentionally, but I do believe he's injured every major part of his body. (There's also the time I dropped a car hood on his head, causing his nose to be slammed into the car with a hood sitting on top of his head, but we won't go into that!) So it would never be a surprise to my mom and I to hear, "Well I went to the Emergicenter today" or see a mark on his arm or a bandage on a finger. So last night Tom was telling me the "latest" and he prefaced it by saying that before everything happened, he mentioned that it had been quite a while since he had gotten hurt:o).

Tom was working on something which required him to have a hammer in his hand when he somehow hurt his ring finger, and at the same time a wasp stung him in his arm. So now he had a hurt ring finger, a stung arm, and then he puffed up from the sting on the other arm. I do remember him saying he also hurt his thumb somehow too! So my other brother came over to him and was trying to make the swelling/hive go down, so he put on a "soothing" ointment which turned out to be NOT soothing! Now he has a hurt thumb, hurt ring finger, a stung arm, swelling on the other arm, and then non-soothing ointment poured on to the hive.

Wait! It gets better:o).

Later that day, he was working alone on the roof, which was very breeze-less, when a gust of wind came along, flapped under the ONE shingle that hadn't been nailed down, and that shingle flew into Tom's nose.

Oh, the irony!

Ever since I dropped the car hood on his nose, he thinks it got broken and was never set properly. But there IS good news in this story! He's had breathing problems since the hood incident, but since the shingle's hit him in the nose, he can breathe better:o).

After this week, he's never going to say again, "it's been a while since I've gotten hurt!" Ah yes... never a dull moment, huh?!?! Love ya, big brother!

~Tom with Andrew and Ethan at a family reunion in August~


Happymama said...

Anne, you tell the funniest stories. Honestly! Thanks for the giggle tonight.

And I'm glad your brother is breathing better.


Anne said...

Kristi, :o). I'm glad he's breathing better too... heeheehee.

Jessica said...

LOL!! "That's just too good" (As Mater would say... from Cars, if anyone knows what I'm talking about!) Anyway, thanks for the laugh!! :)