Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Shannon does Works-For-Me-Wednesday (are you ready for this moment of genius??!?!) each Wednesday and I thought of something I would like to share that has helped me out on several occasions. I like to do gifts as inexpensively as possible (*Note: I'm not cheap, I'm frugal; big difference!) and that includes what the gift is wrapped in!

Every year at Christmas time when we were younger, we would take turns opening gifts and then each gift was carefully unwrapped in order to use the paper again, if possible. So over the years I've saved gift bags and wrapping paper. Within the past couple of years I've begun to save tissue paper as well. Tissue paper makes for wonderful "gift wrap" and tying some pretty ribbon around the package adds to the end product. It might sound like a very simple idea, but tissue paper is so much cheaper than gift bags or wrapping paper (the Dollar Store sells all different colors) and it's so nice to see all the gifts carrying their own personality (I lost a few of you there, I'm sure!) once everything has been wrapped!

So there you have it... that's what works for me! Go check out the rest of the ideas and see if anything helps you out:o).


Happymama said...

I have OFTEN used tissue paper for wrapping. I also like to stamp it for whatever theme it is. That's when scrapbooking tools come in handy. :)

Also, one of my favorite things to do is called Furoshiki, which is Chinese gift wrapping. However, I only use it for baby showers...and that's when you take an inexpensive baby blanket and wrap the gift in it.


Mrs. Brownstone said...

Another great thing to use is the comic strip section of the Sunday paper! It makes a cute wrap.

Thanks for sharing this great idea!

Anne said...

Those are good tips too! Thanks for sharing them:o).