Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Situations And Scenarios.

I found this link (courtesy of Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer) the other day. This could have been a bad situation, but thankfully it was not. I had this story neatly filed away in the back of my mind, but it was quickly brought to the forefront tonight. My friend and I were on Visitation, doing door-to-door in a relatively "new" subdivision. (When I say "new", I mean within the past 5-10 years it was built and is probably filled with all sorts of ethnic groups and the average family probably has two kids, three dogs, and some fish... and I just did what Rachel talks about here!)


We went from house to house, happily engaging people in conversation and left quite a few What Standard DVDs behind for people to watch later. We then came to a home that had the garage door slightly cracked opened and most of the lights in the house off. My friend and I were whispering quietly when the door slowly opened and a little girl of about 9 looked up at us. My friend asked the little girl if her parents were home and the little girl said no. She then told us that they left to go pick up her younger sister from someplace I didn't quite catch. So we left behind the DVD and a tract and as I turned away, the post written by Melanie popped into my mind and I said, "Oh, if anyone else rings the doorbell, please don't answer it."

Twice more on this street the door was answered by a child and this bothered both of us greatly.

Now thankfully my friend and I were just out on Visitation. But what if someone with less than "honorable" intentions rang the doorbell and these children answered the doors? I don't even want to think about the scenarios.

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Melissa said...

wow, that would really scare me too -- even I am afraid to open the door if I am home by myself. What a world we live in....