Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bountiful Blessings #6

This morning in services, my Pastor preached an excellent message with the main theme talking about how the children of Israel celebrated in the wilderness. Now at first glance, that might sound odd. Celebrating??? In the wilderness??? But that's exactly what they did and they were thankful.

I'm been wanting to do a "bountiful blessings" post for a while, but after hearing this morning's message, I knew today was the day! To get a recap of what Bountiful Blessings is, go here for the explanation. Now this only works if you participate... so let's bring out the blessings and celebrate all that the Lord has done for us. As usual, I'll start:o).


Several weeks ago, the Lord laid upon my heart to help one of the teens with getting to winter camp next week. For days I wrestled as to which one I would help, but the Lord kept bringing to mind one person in particular. Finally this past week I was talking with the teen, and casually asked about camp. "I want to, but I don't have all the money." After asking how much was needed, the teen replied, $_ _.00. So I told the teen I would cover it and left it at that.

A few days later, someone handed me a check unexpectedly. Not only did it cover the amount needed for camp for the teen, it was triple the amount! Now you tell me God doesn't delight in blessing His children and I'll reply you don't know my God!!!! He is so good! That very night I got the check I read these verses:

Psalm 77:8-9a ~ "Is his mercy clean gone for ever? doth his promise fail for evermore? Hath God forgotten to be gracious?"
God's mercy isn't clean gone, His promises haven't failed, and He hasn't forgotten to be gracious! How thankful I am that He hasn't!


Ok, so now it's your turn! Leave a comment below sharing what the Lord has been doing lately. It can range from getting an extra hour of sleep to a spiritual insight from the Bible. I can't wait to read what God's been up to in your lives!


Jennifer said...

When I read your post last friday on your rushed and crazy weekend and saw the song "Are You Washed in the Blood" I realized that it had been a long time since we have sang that in church. All weekend I thought about the song, so I prayed that God would put it on my pators heart to sing that song today. Of course I could have asked him and he probably would have been glad to sing it, but I wanted to see if God would grant my request . . . and I knew he would. Sunday morning, the second song we sang was "Are You Washed in the Blood"!! I thoguth that was so exciting! It just shows that God is always listening, even to the simple desires that you have.

Anne said...

Jennifer ~ Thank you for sharing that! What a blessing that is:o)

Abbi said...

I am thankful for a new year to start fresh! We have plunged back into school, and it is going well. And it seems like our daily schedule is falling back into place. I love new beginnings!