Friday, January 11, 2008

Some Ways I've Saved.

Crystal hosts Frugal Fridays and today it seems that most of the ladies are posting on 5 ways they saved $100.00 last year. I haven't participated in a while, but figured I would give it a go again:o). Here are some routine ways I try to be frugal and resourceful:

#1 ~ I can tell you exactly how many pieces of clothing I bought brand-new this past year: 6 items. 3 shirts (in Thailand!) and 3 skirts. One of my skirts actually ripped while I was gone (go here if you need a reminder as to what happened!) but the other two have been serving me just fine. So I don't buy brand-new, and the ripped skirt is a big reason why!

#2 ~ I do, however, browse through second-hand shops and walk away with bargains from the Lord! For instance, when I was in Indiana a couple of weeks ago, my brother and sister-in-law planned to take me into Chicago for a day of sight-seeing. I was inclined to go until my sis-in-law mentioned that ALL the Goodwills were having a 50% off sale on everything! So guess which trip was replaced by Goodwill hunting?!?:o). It was well worth it to bring home with me several name-brand long-sleeved shirts (just what the Lord knew I needed) for $2.00 a piece!

#3 ~ I joined MyPoints in October of 2006 and have earned $75.00 in free gift cards! One gift card I received was to Bath & Body Works, so I waited until their 75% off sale after Christmas before I bought some things I didn't need at the moment, but knew would be used down the road. Plus everything I picked out was covered by the gift card, so I walked away from B&BW with stuff for free... and everyone likes free:o).

#4 ~ It pays to witness! No seriously, remember the guy who paid for my toll on the Turnpike? That's not why I give out my testimony tract, but it is one of the side benefits:o).

#5 ~ As mentioned by several of the ladies, I too pack my lunch for work. I think I'm "treating" myself occasionally when I go out and buy lunch, but that little bit always adds up. So I would rather spend $7.00 on picking up stuff for lunch and be satisfied all week long!

To read some more tips, go to Biblical Womanhood:o).


Happenings said...

Hi Anne! Did I mention to you that I joined MyPoints as well? Yes, oh the joy of a free gift card! :) You're a blessing to me!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the January sale BBW has.. I got a bunch of stuff for REALLY cheap! I got 18 dollar perfume for 4.50... very good on a college budget! you'd be proud, I got a $58.00 dress today for 10! It was on 75% off at a local store.. good stuff cheap! Hope all's going well with you! -Kay

Anne said...

Rebecca ~ I'm glad you're getting in on the bargains as well:o). I'm glad to see that you started blogging again:o).

Kay ~ Great job getting stuff on sale! Now's the time to do it! Btw, did you know Sarah's got a new job now? She starts next Monday, so bye-bye Wally-World. Have a good semester Kay!

Abbi said...

Wow, you are such a little frugalite...I think you ought to write a column on saving pennies. You would have lots of great ideas to share.


Anne said...

Hmm, I might just do that! ;o).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she txtd me that she did.. I'm so glad for her! I still have another year and a half there.. it's not TOO bad though! -Kay