Monday, March 17, 2008

Praising The Lord.

I'll say this up front: if you get confused, I'm sorry:o).

Confused yet?!?

Now let's properly start the post!

Last June, I graduated from Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute with a certificate saying I completed all the required courses for the Religious Education Program. I was very excited about becoming the second girl in the history of the school to graduate (the first girl graduated with me on that day:o)) and to just be done with it all.

Soon after, it was brought to my attention that I would need _ _ credits to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education from Great Plains Baptist College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. So I began to work on the credits, which included putting together a portfolio of all my experiences working in a Christian school, on staff at church, missions trips, etc. The month of February was taken up with working on this portfolio, and I finally mailed it off to Great Plains with much prayer behind it. Great Plains only graduates once a year in May, so I knew if I didn't earn all the credits this year, that it would be May 2010 before I would have another opportunity (Lord-willing I'll be in Thailand in May 2009).

As I was chatting with my sister today on the phone, I walked to the mailbox and pulled out the mail. Imagine my great surprise and delight when I opened a letter from Great Plains that said "Dear Graduate..."!!!!! My sister got an earful of joyful shouting for quite a bit of time, and my heart overflowed with thankfulness to the Lord for His Goodness to me!

I read this verse this morning, which I think was rather fitting:

"The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands."

Psalm 138:8

The next step is now figuring out travel plans. Sioux Falls isn't exactly near a big city, so flying and driving are both going to be expensive options. But the Lord has brought me this far, and will "perfect that which concerneth me"! In the meantime, I thought I would praise the Lord for His mercy towards me and share it with ya'll!


Abigail said...

Anne ~ That is wonderful! The Lord is so good to give us so many blessings!

Do you know that song?
God's so good,
to give us so many blessings, undeserving, that's what we are.
We ought to thank Him,
love and praise Him a little more today,
a whole lot more tomorrow!

I love that song!

Anyway, I am very excited for you -


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anne!!!!!!! That's wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention that Anonymous is Katie ; )

**~Happenings~** said...

Congratulations, Anne! I just read that verse and it's absolutely one of my favorites. Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Many congratulations Anne(BA) :-) What fantastic news....really hope you can get to your graduation ceremony- they're a special day!

Ashley said...

That's great! How special!

Tiffany said...

Anne Hammond, B.A.

That looks pretty good!