Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Master.

Sundays are often a busy day around here, especially since we live about 40 kilometers away from church (that's about 25 miles). Today we were only home for about 30 minutes, so most of the day was spent in church services. We finally came home this evening, and so I got on the computer in preparation for listening to my church's morning service. I turned on some music and was zipping through my e-mail and Google Reader when I heard this song. This is one of my favorite songs as it gets me thinking every time about my relationship with the Lord.

Jesus walked this path before me
Void of friend with comforts few.
If I follow in His footsteps
I must know his heartaches too
He was mocked and scorned, rejected,
Left to die upon a tree.
Am I greater than my Master,
He who gave His life for me?

Shall I stay and dwell with Jesus
Though all others turn aside.
He has giv’n to me His promise,
In His shadow I’ll abide.
Help me stay upon the altar,
A living sacrifice I’ll be.
Am I greater than my Master,
He who died on Calvary?

Though the way be straight and narrow
Though I’m weary, bruised, and torn.
I must press forever onward
‘Til that glorious joyful morn.
When I see my risen Saviour
Touch the wounds He bore for me.
Am I greater than my Master,
He whose blood bought victory?

I shall see my risen Saviour,
Touch the wounds he bore for me!
Am I greater than my Master
He whose blood bought victory?

Good words to think on as I end a really good day...

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Tori said...

Yea, that's a great one.
Praying that you have a wonderful week and blessed Easter!