Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just So Thankful...

I'm going to get a little sentimental for a moment here and talk about the love of my life:). I don't think I've been too terribly mushy or giddy in talking about Nat on my blog.... in fact, I haven't even devoted an entire category to him like some girls do after they get engaged! Well, actually, I take that back because I do have a category called The Cliff-Hanger series ~ but that's the story of how we got together, so besides that..... :D.

Nat and I often tell each other we are exceptionally blessed because we get to see each other so much during any given week. I was a little disappointed tonight (ahem, Friday night - it's now Saturday morning!) that he couldn't come over, but that's because he wasn't feeling well. After he said he wasn't coming over, I was thinking once again that I'm pretty blessed to have him so nearby and Sunday really isn't that far away when I get to see him again:).

When Nat went on a trip several weeks ago, he was gone for a few days and as I told this to a friend, she cheered me up by saying, "Hey! At least you're not in Thailand while you're engaged!" Perspective is a funny thing because it made me much happier to know Nat was only four states away rather than me being several time zones away in a foreign country!

I was thinking the other day about how much has changed since the day I came home from Thailand. In five short months, God took me around the "bend in the road" and gave Nat to me. He has become my best friend and I still get chills when he calls me and when he tells me he loves me. I don't deserve this wonderful man of God and I am so completely amazed at the way we compliment each other. Doing things like raking leaves, baking, washing dishes, baby-sitting, going shopping for a refugee family, looking at pictures, etc. ~ have become so much more fun because I get to do those things with Nat!

My Sweetie

Grow old along with me... the best is yet to be!
~Robert Browning~


My Bright Corner said...

Awww.....sweet, Anne! And no, not "too terribly mushy or giddy" [in your own words. :)

PS - my word verification is "bless"....funny coincidence on a post about how you're thankful.

Krinny Gaudet said...

Yes, you do deserve him. You deserve the very best and you maybe, almost, probably have it.

joy said...

so sweet!

Amber said...

Hey, Happy Birthday both of you! (its today right?? Feb 1?)