Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!

Having been out of the country a few times on the 4th of July, it makes me appreciate being in the country on this date so much more! Being an American overseas doesn't automatically mean you don't celebrate Independence Day, but it's just, well, different. In fact, I even blogged about it in Thailand three years ago (which I cannot believe I went to Thailand the first time three years ago!).

On Sunday we had a special dinner on the grounds picnic at church and of course that translates into volleyball in the afternoon:). After the volleyball games were over, some of us spontaneously put together a group to head to Bethlehem and watch the fireworks from the Fey Bridge. The memory circuit came full circle for me because my family used to live in Bethlehem and we could always see some of the fireworks that were shot off from Sand Island. Of course it was so special to sit on the bridge with my sweetie (and other friends too!) and watch the fireworks:).

It's always fun trying to work your way out of a crowd and get back to the van. My sensitive-to-the-Lord man took the opportunity to pass out some tracts and struck up a good conversation with a couple of people. How I praise the Lord for my man!

Only 5 more days 'til our wedding!

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